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stars_5I moved to the community recently, and I was looking for a new dentist. A local mom referred me to Dr. Chan’s office, and my first visit was a pleasant surprise!

His clinic is new and very clean. Dr. Chan took me on a tour of the clinic, and showed me his gadgets. He was great with my kids, and was able to do a full check-up and cleaning of both of them. I have an 18 month old, so I wasn’t very hopeful he could have done anything, but he put on a cartoon, and that seemed like a good distraction. He was very gentle with the kids, and let them pick out toys afterwards. He had some good toys so they were quite happy!

Overall, the staff members were friendly and helpful. Everyone seemed energetic and passionate about what they do. It was convenient as well because they dealt with the insurance directly. Thanks again Dr. Chan and team!

– Christine L. 5 out of 5 stars on 6/15/2017

stars_5I broke my tooth, didn’t get it fixed, and then it started to hurt. So I looked up 604 Dental at Main 41 on the internet and gave them a call. Kitty fit me in the schedule the same day. I saw Dr. Chan and he is the new owner. Very nice guy.

He did an emergency root canal and took me out of pain immediately. It was done very quickly too and it didn’t hurt. The team is very friendly as well. Gave them a chance, and will definitely go back.

– Dilpreet S. 5 out of 5 stars on 2/28/2017

stars_5I saw all the good reviews on Yelp for Dr. Ng’s dental practice and decided to bring my Grandpa to check out his dentures because he hasn’t been wearing them for weeks due to his teeth hurting.

We were greeted by Kitty who is an absolute sweetheart and is a pleasure to be around with. She made my grandpa feel comfortable and just had a good conversation with him when he was rambling on about his teeth.

When it was our turn, we went in to see Dr. Ng. Right away she went to work, checking out his teeth and listening to my grandpa’s problems. She was very knowledgeable and explained things very thoroughly. She listened to my concerns for my grandpa because he’s afraid of pain and was very gentle with him physically and with words.

We ended up pulling 6 teeth out including a bridge for my gramps the same day! So glad we were able to do everything the day of consultation really. It was fast and even though my grandpa was really scared for the procedure (he told me after ha!), they did their best to make us feel at ease. He raved about all of them after.

All in all – I’m very glad I brought my Grandpa to this place and it seems we’re able to get his dentures repaired in less than a week! We go back next Monday to checkup and pick them up. We also got a small discount on everything for my Grandpa being a senior since he has no dental insurance. For our first visit – this was great. Hopefully our next visit will be just as pleasant.

I’d like to say thank you to Dr. Cecilia Ng and staff.  Besides being a great dentist, Dr. Ng has a great understanding of neuromuscular principles.  As I learned, I have a non-ideal bite, which can have a negative affect.  Some people can experience head, neck, muscle pain, or worn out teeth.  It can also affect nerves, diminishing strength, balance, and flexibility.  She was able to evaluate and the solution was creating a custom (removable) orthotic that fits around my bottom teeth.  This orthotic is training my jaw to relax more in a natural position, thus bringing balance to the jaw muscles when they are closed and in resting position.  This balance extends to my shoulders, neck, head, and back, helping to provide alignment, stability, and comfort.  I totally recommend more people to visit Dr. Ng if you believe your jaw to be misaligned, or if you’re suffering from anything that stems from a poor bite.  This has been a great treatment option and has given me more confidence and a more complete overall feeling of a complete healthy person.

 – by Matt Penner.  5 out of 5 stars on 12/09/2016


I can’t overstate the importance of a dentist who is concerned with ongoing professional growth in an office that is centered around making the patient comfortable – from using a simple and effective email reminder system to creating a warm and friendly environment in the office once the patient gets there. Dr. Ng and the Smile Center at Main 41st are all of those things. 

Beyond dental maintenance with a focus on quick and pain-free work, Dr. Ng has helped me manage a chronic migraine condition which has become little more than a headache or two a year. I didn’t go to the Smile Center because of Dr. Ng’s professional interest in the relationship between jaw alignment and migraines, but I’m grateful for it. It has been a valuable part of a comprehensive headache management regimen.

 – by Eli W.  5 out of 5 stars on 29/08/2016


So I just got my braces yesterday. Dr. Ng was the one who did it for me and she was really great at it! She did it nice and gentle as a result we didn’t have any problem at all. Again.. Everything went well as usual! I also want to thank all the staff too for helping me through this process.

Everyone in the clinic is nice! This clinic is definitely a good place to go when you want to have orthodontic and more!!! I am now hoping to see the best result. I’m so excited and I cannot wait to see the it.

– Monsour C 5 out of 5 stars on 29/06/2016


Smile Center on Main 41 is a really warm welcoming clinic. I feel very special every time when I call them or walk in, Kitty the receptionist knows me and she is always so friendly and sweet to catch up with you. Dr. Cecilia Ng has been taking really good care of my teeth from basic cleaning to recommendations with dealing with wisdom teeth and has changed my habits of how I take care of my own teeth.I thank this team not just for their excellent service but also as a student they have helped me to fully use my dental benefits from school. Smile Center takes care of your teeth to put the best smile in your face :3 Thanks again

– Jimmy L 5 out of 5 stars on 17/05/2016stars_5

Man! this clinic is the best clinic I have ever been. All the people there are really nice! They actually take care of you from the beginning till the end! They treated me really great! I would love to come back again anytime soon!

– Monsour C 5 out of 5 stars on 13/05/2016